Harpy Feather
Harpy Feather
Physical Blaze Shock Breath
- - - Yes
Life Frost Light Shade Space
- - - - -
Time Wave Hope Ground
- - - -
Source Work Monster Girl Quest
States Hero Mode (Inflict)
Target One Ally
Type Item
Price 30
Effect Inflicts Hero Mode on one ally.
Tier Basic

Monster Girl Quest MGQ eye
Weapons Normal Sword
Abilities Demon DecapitationThunder ThrustMeditateSylphSalamander
Locations LOLAMHarpy VillageThe BookSan IliaMonster Lord's Castle
Items Harpy Feather
Enemies SlimeHarpyPage 257SalamanderZombieChromeValkyrieCupidReplicantGnomarenGrandineZylphePromesteinIlias
Characters HarpyQueen Harpy

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