Homestuck Portrait
They say I am the greatest hero in our session. I disagree.
God Tier Page of Space
Location ? N/A
Land Tears and Blood
Role Player Character

Homestuck is the main character of the Fandomstuck RPG. He is the only party member who is impossible to remove from the active party, and the only party member who can be controlled on the overworld. Homestuck uses Hammers as a weapon, and can use a variety of skills from Homestuck ranging from psychic power to Hero Mode, which is the first Ability in the game. His main emotion throughout the beginning of the game is anger, but changes after an event in the Land of Demons and Resurrection.


In-Game, Homestuck will start off with low stats, and progressively get better, as a Page. Due to his nature as a Page, his stat gain is slow but has balanced stats at Level 99 except for Maximum SP and Speed, which have a steady increase and do not go as high as his other stats.

Equip and Ability Information

Sledgehammer* Powerjack*
Hero Mode Psiioniic Power* Manipul8* Chucklevoodoos* Anti-Sleeping Majyyks*
Add-On Cat Mask Sugary Jacket Monday Celestial Brush
* Cannot be used by other characters


  • Homestuck's walksprite was created before work began on the Fandomstuck RPG. This is because it was originally done for recreational pruposes.


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