Ink Blot
150~170 0 10
4 8 10
Evasion Boon EXP
5 5~9 1
Elemental affinities
Physical Blaze Shock Breath
- - - -
Life Frost Light Shade Space
- - - - -
Time Wave Hope Ground
- - - Immune
Location LOTAB
Steal N/A
Drop 1 Vitality Gel
Drop 2 N/A
Abilities Hero Mode (if Party is level 5 or above)
The Ink Blot is the first enemy you can encounter in the Fandomstuck RPG. As such, it is weak and very uninteresting. It hails from the Disney franchise, specifically Epic Mickey, where it was a dangerous foe that Mickey had to defeat. Their presence in the Land of Tears and Blood is a mystery, as they do not hail from Homestuck or any similar franchise. Their Encyclopedia entry mentions Okami. In battle, the Ink Blot is a weak foe, who only has the purpose of being an easy foe to defeat early on in the game. 


  • The enemy was originally misnamed Shadow Blot during development, but this was fixed before Episode 1 was released.
  • They can use Hero Mode on themselves when the party is Level 5 or above, a scenario that is unlikely to happen due to the low amount of EXP that they give and the difficulty of reaching Level 5 without leaving LOTAB.
  • There is a sound effect in the game's files titled "InkBlotAttack" that was orginally intended for use as an attack sound for the Ink Blot, but was never used.
  • The Ink Blot is one of two enemies who had animations before limitations forced enemy sprites to be static, the other being the Slime.

The Ink Blot's unused animation.

Help BoldUnderlined
LOTAB Ink Blot
LOLAM SlimeHarpySunny FandomPage 257SalamanderZombieChrome

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