Fandom ? Homestuck
Chapter ? 0
Dungeons ? None
NPCs None
The Land of Tears and Blood, or LOTAB, is the first location in the game. It is Homestuck's Land, and serves to start the story. While searching for an unknown figure, Homestuck reaches the playable area of the game, unaware that it is a trap. Upon reaching a dead end, he is rendered unconscious and taken to the Land of Love and Monsters for an unknown reason.


Immediately upon fighting the Ink Blot for the introduction, just attack it. That's all either you or the enemy can do, unless you choose to use Hero Mode. Head down the stairs and to the left, then open the chest, which contains a Vitality Gel. Continue on your way, but when you reach the forked path, go left, then down, as it leads to a chest containing yet another Vitality Gel. Continue going right until you activate the event which takes you to LOLAM.

Land of Tears and Blood
Enemies Ink Blot
Characters Homestuck
Homestuck Hero Mode
Weapons SledgehammerPowerjack
Abilities Hero ModePsiioniic PowerManipul8ChucklevoodoosAnti-Sleeping Majyyks
Locations LOTAB
Items Vitality GelLovelykiss