170~190 50~70 12~14
7 12~15 15
Evasion Boon EXP
5 7~13 9
Elemental affinities
Physical Blaze Shock Breath
- - Weak -
Life Frost Light Shade Space
- - - - -
Time Wave Hope Ground
- - - Weak
Location LOLAM
Steal Vitality Gel
Drop 1 Ether
Drop 2 None
Abilities Slime Heaven

The Slime is an enemy encountered early in the game, in the Land of Love and Monsters. It hails from the Monster Girl Quest series. Immediately after meeting Monster Girl Quest, she and Homestuck are ambushed by Slimes, who are defeated with relative ease.

In battle, the Slime can use Slime Heaven, a skill which has the same effect as Meditation, but is slightly weakened.


  • The Slime is one of two enemies that had animated sprites before limitations forced enemy sprites to be static, the other being the Ink Blot.
  • Slime Girl

    The animated version of the Slime.

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