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Special Traits are special strengths that are important aspects of a playable character. These can be abilities, weapons, or even stats that make a playable character unique.



One of Yume Nikki's traits is her inability to attack unless the Knife effect is equipped as her current weapon. Instead, she must use her abilities. However, her abilities have a much lower SP cost, and tend to inflict states.


A trait shared by the Thieves, Sonic and Creepypasta, Steal is an Ability that allows these characters to steal items from foes. Later, they can learn Mug, which has the same effect, but can deal damage.

Steal informationEdit

Enemy Stolen Items
Frame2 Vitality Gel
Harpy Harpy Feather
Gnomaren Glowstone


A trait of Sonic, Sonic's Speed stat is able to naturally grow to the maximum number by Level 99, while other characters need to use stat-enhancing items.


A trait that belongs to Ava's Demon.

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