Sunny Fandom
11,037 9,999 25
10 10 30
Evasion Boon EXP
5 11,037 11,037
Elemental affinities
Physical Blaze Shock Breath
- - - -
Life Frost Light Shade Space
- - - - -
Time Wave Hope Ground
- - - Weak
Location The Book
Steal N/A
Drop 1 Divine Retribution
Drop 2 Celestial Brush
Abilities Stoplight, Evidence Bullet, Meditation, Hero Mode, B^)

The Sunny Fandom is a secret boss loccated in Maze of Pages and is easy to beat if u use wave motion cannon

in order to beat her u must buy at least 50 of each vitality gel and ethers. your characters should be

homestuck MGQ yume nikki and sonic

your characters should be at least level 15 each.
if u follow this advice, you should be able to defeat her. she is at one of the black shadows in the maze of pages. if you press space, you will summon the sunny fandom. the chances of finding her is a 3 in 10 chance.
Help BoldUnderlined
LOTAB Ink Blot
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Land of Love and Monsters
Help Bold (Enemies)Underlined (Enemies)Underlined (Constructs)
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Constructs Harpy VillageThe LibraryThe BookSan IliaMonster Lord's Castle
Sidequests Bill CipherMysterious Signals

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